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Presentation about the EVS program

Our EVS volunteers visited the high-school of Agios Antonios and the high-school of Apostolou Louka Kolossiou where they gave a presentation about the EVS program, they described all the details of the program as well as their personal experience as volunteers in LCYouth.Young students had the opportunity to discuss with
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The EVS volunteers present in schools and organizations what is the EVS with 5 steps: 1- LCYouth 2-What is EVS 3- How to apply 4-Our activities 5-Our experience with EVS this is the EVS presentation
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Program: Networking

Our organization implemented successfully the seminar Key Action 1 'Networking', the seminar took place in Limassol, Cyprus from 2-8th of December 2014. The themes of the seminar were Entrepreneurship, Networking of young people and Innovation. Additionally, the main objectives were to support entrepreneurship among young people in rural areas, to promote social integration and the well-being

More Inclusive Society

Type of the project: Action 1.3- Youth Democracy Projects

The project will be coordinated by LCYOUTH and will be allowing the pooling of ideas, experiences and methodologies from projects or activities at local, national and European level. This will be done in the effort to improve youth’s active participation.

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