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Sport and physical activity are important and effective vehicles toward an education to well-being and health, and a way to promote integration and struggle against discrimination and racism. The primary aim of the project is to create awareness-raising activities for amateur athletes, coaches, trainers, educators who work in the particular fields of sports connected with solidarity and intercultural dialogue, sharing good practices and creating Open Educational Resources about how sports can support social inclusion.
Project Objectives
– To create tools and methods to increase the skills of coaches and educator regarding intercultural dialogue and integration through sports.
– Formalizing knowledge, competencies and methodologies of social inclusion through sports.
– Sharing best practices of integration, inclusion, and intercultural dialogue through sport.
– Alerting European citizens to the social role of sports in the creation of virtuous circuits of integration and dialogue.
– Networking among organizations working with migrants and refugees through sport.

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On the 22nd of November 2018, LCYouth implemented the Sport Id Day for the European project Erasmus+ “Sport for Intercultural Dialogue” at St Antonios Hi School in Limassol with the participation of students from different countries. The goal of the project is to enhance sport activities as a tool for intercultural dialogue! #socialinclusion #solidarity #equalaccesstosportsforall #Erasmus+ #Sportid

You can see some of the photos here