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EVS Adventure

Friday, July 10 will be held an event about the European Voluntary Service. They will be organized by the volunteers of LC Youth.
On the program there will presenattion EVS debate goshawks EVS game, tasting dishes prepared by volunteers and a video.

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LC Youth Lesson

Since some months, the European volunteers from LC Youth organise free lessons. They propose for everybody to learn spanish, french and Photoshop. To participate, you can call LC Youth or send an email.

They want you to spend good time and to share knowledge about their culture and their skills.

Adress : Lycourgou 3,3012,Limassol Cyprus

Phone : +25661619

mail :

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DVD about EVS

LC Youth volunteers have created a short film about their EVS as part of a competition organized by the organization EV Youth in Nicosia. The name of the film was met with smiles and tells how the activities and opportunities that had the European Voluntary Service volunteer arriving in Limassol.

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Presentation about the EVS program

Our EVS volunteers visited the high-school of Agios Antonios and the high-school of Apostolou Louka Kolossiou where they gave a presentation about the EVS program, they described all the details of the program as well as their personal experience as volunteers in LCYouth.Young students had the opportunity to discuss with our volunteers and to pose questions.


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On-arrival training for our EVS volunteers

The  on arrival training took place on the 4th-8th of February 2015  in Nicosia, it  was organized by the National Agency of Erasmus + in Cyprus .Overall,  it was a very nice experience for all of  the  volunteers, they learned  a lot of things about EVS and its objectives. During the  training volunteers had the opportunity to  meet other EVS volunteers , in total they  were 11 volunteers from 4 different organizations: 2 from “Cyprus Autism Association Nicosia”, 4 from” Nautilos Search and Rescue Team”, 1 from “Anemoni/ Cultural Workshop” and of course 4 from “LCYouth” and from different countries Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Greece, France and Spain.

It was good opportunity   to  get know each other, but also to get in touch with the National Agency of Cyprus.Also during the training volunteers  discussed various issues related to the EVS Program as well as to the hosting country Cyprus. Additionally, they   had the opportunity to observe  Cypriot culture  and to participate to various activities.

2015-02-05 12.59.19

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The testimonial of our volunteer in Spain

Our volunteer Antigoni Nicolaou represented our organization LCYouth for a Practice Sharing  Seminar”Preparing 2016… Objective Donostia- San Sebastian. European Capital of Culture”  that took place in Spain from 10-17 December 2014.
Below the testimonial of our volunteer:

‘The seminar was a very nice experience and I am really glad I had the opportunity to take part. The project organized in order to collect the best ideas and proposals for making a good practices guide for EVS volunteers. And we did it :) We were 37 participants from 24 countries of Europe and we collaborate with each other through interesting and fun group activities to achieve this. 

Personally I am happy to say that I met new friends from different countries and I hope to meet many of them during the next years. I strongly recommend young people to take part in this kind of seminars mostly through Erasmus+ programme. 
They will not only expand their social network but they will have the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge about Erasmus+ and European Voluntary Service.’
Antigoni Nicloaou

Program: Networking

Our organization implemented successfully the seminar Key Action 1 ‘Networking‘, the seminar took place in Limassol, Cyprus from 2-8th of December 2014. The themes of the seminar were Entrepreneurship, Networking of young people and Innovation.

Additionally, the main objectives were to support entrepreneurship among young people in rural areas, to promote social integration and the well-being of young people, to support innovation and creativity of young people and to disseminate   EVS program.

During the project various activities took place such as workshops, presentations, discussions, debate, study visits etc. In total   32 young people participated from Cyprus, Jordan,Hungary,Italy, Skopje,Czech Republic, Spain and  Serbia.

All of the participants contributed positively to the implementation of the seminar. The second phase of the project will take place as a short-term EVS in April 2015.